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REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES    2017, Vol. 29 Issue (1) : 192-198     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2017.01.29
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Temporal and spatial variation analysis of vegetation cover in the Loess Plateau from 2001 to 2014
LIU Zhe, QIU Bingwen, WANG Zhuangzhuang, QI Wen
National Research Centre of Geospatial Information Technology, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350002, China
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To explore the changes of time and space of the Loess Plateau vegetation status is of great significance for vegetation restoration in this region. Two indexes were established on the basis of the MODIS-EVI2 sequence data in the Loess Plateau region from 2001 to 2014 to reflect vegetation cover state from different sights. The first one is density of vegetation cover(DVC), and the second one is time of vegetation cover(TVC). Then these two indexes were analyzed with trend analysis method and breakpoint analysis method. Finally the spatial and temporal evolution of vegetation cover in the Loess Plateau in the past 14 years was obtained. Some results have been obtained:① Vegetation cover in the Loess Plateau increased from northwest to southeast, and the vegetation cover in the whole region grew faster than from 1986 to 2006. ② The rising trends of TVC and DVC areas were 43.04% and 32.57% of the whole study area, and the most prominent change happened during 2006-2007 and 2011-2012. The declining trends of TVC and DVC areas were 2.92% and 5.68% of the whole study area. The changed farming areas were mainly affected by the early stage of returning farmland to forest. The results show that the policy of returning farmland to forest and windbreak in recent years has made an obvious effect.

Keywords high resolution satellite image      vehicle detection      symmetrical image      AdaBoost algorithm     
:  TP79  
Issue Date: 23 January 2017
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HUANG Huixian
TAN Yuan
WANG Chengxiao
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CHEN Ren,HUANG Huixian,TAN Yuan, et al. Temporal and spatial variation analysis of vegetation cover in the Loess Plateau from 2001 to 2014[J]. REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES, 2017, 29(1): 192-198.
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