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Remote Sensing for Land & Resources    2019, Vol. 31 Issue (2) : 51-58     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2019.02.08
Bayer interpolation for video satellite images
Jiaqi WU1,2, Taoyang WANG2(), Yufen PENG3, Guo ZHANG4
1.School of Geomatics, Liaoning Technical University, Fuxin 123000, China
2.School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430079, China
3.Hubei Geomatics Technology Group Stock Co., Ltd., Wuhan 430074, China
4.State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430079, China
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Video satellite capture color video data are obtained by using the single CMOS sensor with color filter array (CFA) Bayer pattern. To obtain the full color image sequences, researchers should perform the processing of Bayer image interpolation. Aimed at the interpolation of satellite video Bayer image, the authors propose a improved method based on the signal filter reconstruction of luminance and chrominance. Firstly, band-pass filters are used for extracting luminance and chrominance signal. And the initial reconstruction result can be obtained according to the Bayer spatial model. Moreover, median filtering in non-smooth region and edge direction interpolation in the smooth region are applied to the G-B or G-R difference band for updating the green band. In the end, the red band and blue band are also updated in the new G-B or G-R difference band. To verify the feasibility of the proposed method, the authors tested 4 video Bayer image of Jilin-1 01 and 03 and compared the obtained results with two classic methods. The experimental results show that method designed by the authors has the best comprehensive performance both in subjective evaluation and objective evaluation. The reconstructed image quality is good and has no obvious noise and pseudo-color effects; in addition, the edge is sharp and clear. The method can be used for satellite video further processing and application.

Keywords video satellite      Bayer interpolation      Bayer model      median filter      edge direction     
:  TP391  
Corresponding Authors: Taoyang WANG     E-mail:
Issue Date: 23 May 2019
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Jiaqi WU
Taoyang WANG
Yufen PENG
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Jiaqi WU,Taoyang WANG,Yufen PENG, et al. Bayer interpolation for video satellite images[J]. Remote Sensing for Land & Resources, 2019, 31(2): 51-58.
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Fig.1  Bayer pattern
Fig.2  3D frequency response figure of the 3 filters
Fig.3  Bayer interpolation pattern
Fig.4  Flow chart of the method
参数 视频01星 视频03星
轨道高度/km 650 535
轨道倾角/(°) 98(太阳同步) 97.5左右(太阳同步)
侧摆能力/(°) ±45 ±45
连续拍摄时长/s 120 120
成像模式 凝视和半凝视 凝视、半凝视、夜视和推扫
空间分辨率/m 1.13 <1
灰度量化/bits 8 8
Tab.1  Parameters comparison between Jilin-1 video satellite 01 and 03
Fig.5  Bayer interpolation reconstruction results
Fig.6  Image ROIs
Tab.2  Comparison of reconstruction detail by different methods
影像 模糊比 噪声比
TSD方法 LSLCD方法 本文方法 TSD方法 LSLCD方法 本文方法
01星农田 0.904 5 0.938 0 0.907 7 0.400 8 0.397 4 0.407 7
01星林地 0.915 4 0.936 0 0.911 3 0.416 9 0.421 4 0.412 6
03星屋顶 0.986 7 0.989 4 0.986 2 0.418 4 0.421 3 0.422 3
03星机动车 0.939 8 0.950 0 0.912 2 0.391 2 0.389 5 0.391 0
平均值 0.936 6 0.953 4 0.929 3 0.406 8 0.407 4 0.408 4
Tab.3  Blur/noise ratio comparison between Bayer interpolation reconstruction results
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