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Remote Sensing for Land & Resources    2019, Vol. 31 Issue (2) : 224-230     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2019.02.31
Application of remote sensing technology to geological mapping in the vegetation covered area of southwest Yunnan
Guanbing HU1, Fang LIU1, Wei DANG1, Kun YANG2, Qingsong CHEN2
1.Yunnan Center of Geological and Technical Information, Kunming 650051, China
2.No.10 Detachment of General Gold Party, Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, Kunming 650111, China;
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The research area is located in the tropical rainforest region in Southwest China, with a humid and rainy climate, and there are many soils and vegetation in this area and few exposed rocks. These factors have brought great difficulties to remote sensing mapping. In order to minimize the impact of disturbances caused by tropical rainforest coverage areas, the authors used high spatial resolution remote sensing data, Radar remote sensing data, and elevation data. On the basis of conventional remote sensing geological interpretation methods, the authors used the correlation between vegetation and underlying bedrock, soil and underlying bedrock, topography and geological bodies, human engineering activities and lithology to summarize the interpreting marks of various geological bodies in this region such as hue, morphology, geomorphology, and human engineering activities and develop remote sensing geological interpretation and geological mapping of tropical rainforest coverage areas, thus achieving good results and providing relatively reliable remote sensing geological interpretation methods for similar regional geological surveys.

Keywords tropical rainforest coverage area      remote sensing geological interpretation      regional geological survey      Xishuangbanna     
:  TP79  
Issue Date: 23 May 2019
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Guanbing HU
Fang LIU
Qingsong CHEN
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Guanbing HU,Fang LIU,Wei DANG, et al. Application of remote sensing technology to geological mapping in the vegetation covered area of southwest Yunnan[J]. Remote Sensing for Land & Resources, 2019, 31(2): 224-230.
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数据源 数据轨道/行列号 获取时间 空间分辨率/m 主要用途
SPOT6 339075
Sentinel-1 20171207 20 不同形态地质体,尤其构造解译
OLI 130/045
遥感地质宏观解译,如岩石整体形态、分布情况及大型构造解译; 综合矿物蚀变信息提取
ETM+ 130/045
Tab.1  Remote sensing data for interpretation in this paper
Fig.1  Difference of granite and Jurassic red rock formations
Fig.2  Difference of Quaternary with different water content
Fig.3  Strip image characteristics of clastic rock of NanDuan Formation
Fig.4  Characteristics of fault displayed in three-dimensional elevation renderings
Fig.5  Radar image features of Fazhanhe Fault
Fig.6  Geomorphic differences between metamorphic rocks and Jurassic red strata
Fig.7  Image characteristics of gold mine
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