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Remote Sensing for Natural Resources    2021, Vol. 33 Issue (4) : 64-71     DOI: 10.6046/zrzyyg.2020386
Automatic extraction of mosaic lines from high-resolution remote sensing images based on multi-scale segmentation
WEN Yintang(), WANG Tiezhu, WANG Shutao(), Wang Guichuan, LIU Shiyu, CUI Kai
Hebei Key Laboratory of Measurement Technology and Instruments, School of Electrical Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004, China
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The extraction of mosaic lines is an important step in the mosaic of remote sensing images. To address the problems related to mosaic line extraction existing in current mosaic techniques of high-resolution remote sensing images, the authors propose a mosaic line extraction method based on multi-scale segmentation and the A* algorithm and the steps are as follows. First, pre-segment the overlapping regions of images using the simple linear iterative cluster (SLIC) algorithm, and conduct the clustering of regions with notable surface features to generate compact superpixels to obtain and extract the texture information of the surface features in the images. Then, merge the adjacent regions by continuously increasing the regional dissimilarity threshold while recording the region merging process using a scale set model. Meanwhile, determine the optimal segmentation scale according to the local variance of spectral characteristics and the Moran index to solve the problem of over-segmentation. Finally, find out the best mosaic lines on the segmentation paths using the A* algorithm. Experimental results prove that this method can effectively solve the problem that mosaic lines pass through distinct areas such as buildings, farmlands, and rivers, thus reducing splicing traces. Meanwhile, the optimal segmentation scale can be effectively selected by recording the merging process using a scale set model. Therefore, the mosaic line extraction method proposed in this study can be widely applied in the mosaic of high-resolution remote sensing images and is practically significant for the automatic mosaic of remote sensing images.

Keywords orthoimage      multi-scale segmentation      extraction of mosaic line      A* algorithm     
ZTFLH:  TP751P237  
Corresponding Authors: WANG Shutao     E-mail:;
Issue Date: 23 December 2021
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Yintang WEN
Tiezhu WANG
Shutao WANG
Guichuan Wang
Shiyu LIU
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Yintang WEN,Tiezhu WANG,Shutao WANG, et al. Automatic extraction of mosaic lines from high-resolution remote sensing images based on multi-scale segmentation[J]. Remote Sensing for Natural Resources, 2021, 33(4): 64-71.
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Fig.1  Automatic extraction of mosaic line based on multi-scale segmentation
Fig.2  Schematic of region adjacency graph
Fig.3  Illustration of scale-sets hierarchy
载荷 谱段号 波段范围/mm 分辨率/m 幅宽/km 侧摆能力 重访周期/d
全色 1 0.45~0.90 1 45(两台相机组合) ±35° 5
多光谱 2 0.45~0.52 4
3 0.52~0.59
4 0.63~0.69
5 0.77~0.89
Tab.1  Gaofen-2 satellite parameters
Fig.4  Orthorectified image
Fig.5  Overlapping image acquisition
Fig.6  Variation diagram of LV, MI and GS under different segmentation scales
Fig.7  Typical feature segmentation effect diagram
Fig.8  Mosaic line extraction contrast
方法 区域1 区域2 区域3
ENVI软件 69 60 58
Dijkstra模型 37 36 30
本文方法 4 5 2
Tab.2  The number of obvious objects traversed by each method(个)
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