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REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES    2014, Vol. 26 Issue (1) : 78-82     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2014.01.14
Technology and Methodology |
Retrieving soil moisture in arid area based on MODIS data
HU Meng1, FENG Qi1,2, XI Haiyang1,2
1. Cold and Arid Region Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000, China;
2. Alashan Desert Eco-Hydrology Experimental Research Station, Alashanmeng 735400, China
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In order to study the spatial and temporal distribution and the change of soil moisture in the lower reaches of the Heihe River Basin, the authors used the MODIS data products and the soil moisture data measured from the field data and adopted the thermal inertia to calculate the apparent thermal inertia (ATI). Then ATI and soil moisture were used to build the experience model by regression analysis. At last the soil moisture in the lower reaches of Heihe River Basin was successfully retrieved by this model. The results indicate that using MODIS products provided by NASA could predigest the retrieval parameters, reduce the complexity of soil moisture retrieval and ensure the application in the large or middle-sized region. The ATI mean of sand is larger than that of loam and clay, the ATI of clay and loam is relatively large and scattered. The ATI mean of the oasis area is larger than that of the gobi and desert area. The proposed thermal inertia model can reliably monitor the soil moisture within the soil depth of 20 cm.

Keywords multi-temporal      cropland information extraction      TM image      change vector analysis     
:  TP75  
Issue Date: 08 January 2014
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XU Chao
ZHAN Jinrui
PAN Yaozhong
ZHU Wenquan
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XU Chao,ZHAN Jinrui,PAN Yaozhong, et al. Retrieving soil moisture in arid area based on MODIS data[J]. REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES, 2014, 26(1): 78-82.
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