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Remote Sensing for Land & Resources    2021, Vol. 33 Issue (2) : 141-152     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2020248
Coastline extraction and spatial-temporal variations using remote sensing technology in Zhoushan Islands
CHEN Chao1,2,3(), CHEN Huixin1, CHEN Dong4, ZHANG Zili2(), ZHANG Xufeng1, ZHUANG Yue5, CHU Yanli6, CHEN Jianyu3, ZHENG Hong1
1. Marine Science and Technology College, Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan 316022, China
2. Zhejiang Province Ecological Environment Monitoring Centre (Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Ecological and Environmental Monitoring, Forewarning and Quality Control), Hangzhou 310012, China
3. State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (Second Institute of Oceanography, MNR), Hangzhou 310012, China
4. State Information Center, Beijing 100045, China
5. Xiamen Raw Water Investment Co., Ltd., Xiamen 361000, China
6. School of Economics and Management, Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan 316022, China
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With a special geographical location and abundant marine resources, Zhoushan is the first prefecture-level city composed of islands in China. Therefore, the acquisition of dynamic information on the coastline is of great significance to this area. However, the large amount of suspended sediments, the tortuous coastline, the numerous tidal flats and some other factors have brought a lot of challenges to coastline extraction and the analysis of the spatial-temporal dynamics in Zhoushan Islands. In order to solve this problem, the authors have developed a method for extracting coastline remote sensing information based on the tasseled cap transformation and used long time series satellite remote sensing data to carry out the analysis of the temporal and spatial evolution of the coastline. The experimental results show that the proposed method can effectively remove the influence of suspended sediments, winding coastline and shoals on the extraction of coastline information, and make its position accurate. From 2000 to 2018, the total length of the coastline of Zhoushan Islands increased by about 327.36 km, the average growth length was 18.19 km, the average growth rate was 0.72%, the total area of Zhoushan Islands increased by about 112.26 km2, the average growth area was 6.24 km2, and the average growth rate was 0.49%. The constructions of reclamation and marine projects seem to have been the main reasons for Zhoushan’s coastline changes. This study is of great significance for improving the accuracy of coastline remote sensing information extraction as well as coastal development and protection in complex marine environments.

Keywords Zhoushan Islands      coastline      spatial-temporal variations      complex marine environment      precision evaluation     
ZTFLH:  TP79  
Corresponding Authors: ZHANG Zili     E-mail:;
Issue Date: 21 July 2021
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Huixin CHEN
Xufeng ZHANG
Yanli CHU
Jianyu CHEN
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Chao CHEN,Huixin CHEN,Dong CHEN, et al. Coastline extraction and spatial-temporal variations using remote sensing technology in Zhoushan Islands[J]. Remote Sensing for Land & Resources, 2021, 33(2): 141-152.
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Fig.1  Location of the study area
卫星 传感器 成像时间 卫星 传感器 成像时间
Landsat5 TM 2000.05.14,2000.06.06,
Landsat8 OLI 2015.04.22,
Tab.1  Landsat image data
Fig.2  Flowchart of the study
Fig.3  Scatter plot of typical feature in study area (greeness-wetness)
年份 生产者精度 用户精度 漏分误差 错分误差
2000年 86.82 89.30 13.18 10.70
2003年 95.89 98.10 4.11 1.90
2006年 95.74 98.02 4.26 1.98
2009年 93.55 98.42 6.45 1.58
2012年 93.47 97.52 6.53 2.48
2015年 93.69 95.42 6.31 4.58
2018年 96.21 96.26 3.79 3.74
平均值 93.62 96.15 6.38 3.85
Tab.2  Accuracy assessment of coastline information (%)
Fig.4  Contrast map of land range from 2000 to 2018
岛屿 长度/km 面积/km2
2000年 2003年 2006年 2009年 2012年 2015年 2018年 2000年 2003年 2006年 2009年 2012年 2015年 2018年
舟山本岛 185.80 202.50 179.42 180.88 215.88 208.25 209.40 485.79 483.16 497.51 501.54 515.76 518.18 515.02
金塘 55.53 58.80 55.26 52.26 65.88 60.54 65.88 79.04 78.75 79.88 80.91 80.09 86.09 84.71
岱山 99.13 93.84 91.92 90.90 114.54 101.10 113.04 109.00 104.30 112.17 113.40 110.70 113.41 110.85
衢山 109.48 119.52 113.22 110.41 116.58 107.40 111.93 61.18 61.68 63.22 65.48 65.72 65.58 65.56
嵊泗 66.12 72.24 70.28 69.99 79.69 76.36 70.50 22.36 23.35 23.67 23.55 23.87 23.95 25.33
六横 100.31 104.65 104.34 101.40 115.47 122.71 134.84 97.42 95.01 100.22 101.79 105.03 105.47 106.54
朱家尖 92.41 93.18 92.46 93.47 99.32 104.82 98.58 62.00 62.41 63.35 65.39 65.80 65.78 68.47
桃花岛 59.46 63.66 63.12 63.84 62.70 62.16 62.88 41.99 41.05 41.62 41.24 41.24 41.16 41.37
秀山 40.07 43.26 40.68 42.48 43.08 43.08 48.00 24.27 23.36 24.44 24.56 24.42 24.31 24.14
其他岛屿 1 725.88 1 818.18 1 798.99 1 806.46 1 824.81 1 946.14 1 946.50 315.21 312.45 329.89 346.89 343.19 361.78 368.53
总计 2 534.19 2 669.83 2 609.69 2 612.09 2 737.95 2 832.56 2 861.55 1 298.26 1 285.52 1 335.97 1 364.75 1 375.82 1 405.71 1 410.52
Tab.3  Coastline length and area of different islands during 2000 to 2018
Fig.5  Changes of coastal line length and area in Zhoushan from 2000 to 2018
Fig.6  Coastline change in Donggang of the Zhoushan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.7  Coastline change in Beichan of the Zhoushan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.8  Coastline change in Cengang of the Zhoushan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.9-1  Coastline change in Changzhi island and Xiaogan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.9-2  Coastline change in Changzhi island and Xiaogan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.10  Coastline change in Zhujiajian island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.11  Coastline change in Shengsi island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.12  Coastline change in Daishan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.13  Coastline change in Yushan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.14  Coastline change in Jintang island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.15  Coastline change in Qushan island during 2000 to 2018
Fig.16  Coastline Change in Yangshan during 2000 to 2018
Fig.17  Coastline change in Liuheng island during 2000 to 2018
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