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Remote Sensing for Land & Resources    2019, Vol. 31 Issue (1) : 1-7     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2019.01.01
An overview of applying high resolution remote sensing to natural resources survey
Ling CHEN1, Jia JIA2, Haiqing WANG1
1.China Aero Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Center for Natural Resources, Beijing 100083, China
2.Henan College of Surveying and Mapping, Zhengzhou 451464, China
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With the launch of high-resolution satellites, their applications in geological survey become more prominent. Based on the introduction of various kinds of high resolution data which include high spatial resolution satellite remote sensing, high temporal resolution satellite remote sensing, high spectral resolution satellite remote sensing and high radiation resolution satellite remote sensing, this paper gives a review of the application of optical high resolution images to geological survey, mainly in the aspects of dynamic monitoring of land use, basic geological and resources survey, mineral resources development and ecological monitoring, ecological environment investigation, geological disaster and emergency investigation. It is found that high resolution remote sensing images have great potential in natural resources survey,and collaborative application of multi-source multi-scale high resolution remote sensing data will play an increasingly important role in natural resources survey in the future.

Keywords high resolution remote sensing data      natural resources survey      application      development tendency     
:  TP79  
Issue Date: 15 March 2019
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Haiqing WANG
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Ling CHEN,Jia JIA,Haiqing WANG. An overview of applying high resolution remote sensing to natural resources survey[J]. Remote Sensing for Land & Resources, 2019, 31(1): 1-7.
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传感器类型 波段号 光谱范围/nm 空间分辨率/m 重访周期/d 位深/bit 快速响应能力
GF-2 全色 450900 1 5 10 一般
1 450520 4
2 520590 4
3 630690 4
4 770890 4
GF-4 1 可见光 50 分钟级别 10 可接受紧急任务,应急响应高效
2 中波红外 400
WorldView-2 全色 450800 0.5 1.1 11 具备快速响应机制
1 400450 1.8
2 450510 1.8
3 510580 1.8
4 585625 1.8
5 630690 1.8
6 705745 1.8
7 770895 1.8
8 8601 040 1.8
WorldView-3 全色 450800 0.31 13 11 具备快速响应机制
1 400450 1.24
2 450510 1.24
3 510580 1.24
4 585625 1.24
5 630690 1.24
6 705745 1.24
7 770895 1.24
8 8601 040 1.24
9 1 1951 225 3.7
10 1 5501 590 3.7
11 1 6401 680 3.7
12 1 7101 750 3.7
13 2 1452 185 3.7
14 2 1852 225 3.7
15 2 2352 285 3.7
16 2 2952 365 3.7
传感器类型 波段号 光谱范围/nm 空间分辨率/m 重访周期/d 位深/bit 快速响应能力
GeoEye-1 全色 450800 0.5 23 11 具备快速响应机制
1 450510 2
2 510580 2
3 655690 2
4 780920 2
SPOT6/7 全色 450745 1.5 45 11 接收计划每4 h上传一次,可接受紧急任务
1 455520 6
2 530590 6
3 625695 6
4 760890 6
QuickBird 全色 445900 0.61 16 11 一般
1 450520 2.44
2 520600 2.44
3 630690 2.44
4 760900 2.44
Tab.1  Technical index of high spatial, high time and high radiometric resolution data in natural resources survey
国家/地区 光谱范围/
波段数 空间分
机载 HyMap 澳大利亚 4002 500 128 根据飞行高度不同而不同
AVIRIS 美国 4002 500 224
CASI 加拿大 3801 050 288
SASI 加拿大 9502 450 100
TASI 加拿大 8 00011 500 32
PHI 中国 400850 244
星载 Hyperion 美国 3572 576 220 30
CHRIS 欧盟 4151 050 62/34/18 34/17
HJ-1A 中国 450950 115 100
天宫一号 中国 4002 500 128 20/30
高分五号 中国 4002 500 330 30
Tab.2  Technical index for hyperspectral remote sensing data in natural resources survey
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