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REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES    2015, Vol. 27 Issue (3) : 182-187     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2015.03.29
Development of the embedded spatial data acquisition system based on smart phones
CAI Guolin, SONG Xudong, ZHANG Aoli, YANG Jun
Department of RS and GIS, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, China
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Abstract  With the rapid development of the Beidou positioning system, GIS, network communications and smart devices, the embedded mobile GIS based on smart phones would have some remarkable functions, such as a high-precision positioning, field data acquisition, and real-time dynamic data transmission. In this paper, ArcGIS for Android of embedded GIS products, wireless communication technology, GPS technology and mobile computing equipment are combined with each other, and an embedded spatial data acquisition system based on smart phones is developed. This system has many functions, such as GPS positioning, field data collection, coordinate conversion, data pre-processing, data storage and output, and can provide technical support for land, mapping, power and other sectors in terms of rapid access to spatial data.
Keywords normalized difference vegetation index(NDVI)      ground temperature      soil moisture      limestone dissolution rate     
:  TP392  
Issue Date: 23 July 2015
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CHEN Mengjie
WU Hong
LIU Chao
ZHOU Minyue
LU Dingge
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CHEN Mengjie,WU Hong,LIU Chao, et al. Development of the embedded spatial data acquisition system based on smart phones[J]. REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES, 2015, 27(3): 182-187.
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