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REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES    2015, Vol. 27 Issue (4) : 41-46     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2015.04.07
Removal of stripe noise in HY-1B/COCTS image based on waters
GONG Shaoqi1,2, ZHANG Xiru2, WANG Shaofeng3, SUN Deyong2, LU Yicen2, GUO Wenzhe2
1. Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster of Ministry of Education, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing 210044, China;
2. School of Remote Sensing, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing 210044, China;
3. No.73608 of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Nanjing 210028, China
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COCTS is a Chinese ocean color and temperature scanner which is carried on the 2nd oceanographic satellite (HY-1B) launched by China. HY-1B/COCTS images have the alternate dark and bright lines due to the difference of the detectors within COCTS responding to spectral signal reflected by ground objects. In this paper,the authors analyzed the spectrum of ground objects in visible and near infrared bands of COCTS, retrieved the water information by the normalized difference water index (NDWI) constructed with the 4th and 8th band of COCTS, and then removed the stripe noise for waters in COCTS image by the moment matching. Finally, 7 indexes, namely, mean, standard deviation, signal-to-noise, skewness, kurtosis, information entropy and average gradient, were selected to evaluate the de-striped image quality. The results show that the moment matching based on waters performs well in removing the stripe noise in COCTS image, the contrast of digital number is decreased, and the image quality is improved.

Keywords Europe      remote sensing interpretation      geological understanding      mineral exploration     
:  TP751.1  
Issue Date: 23 July 2015
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LIU Dechang
TONG Qinlong
LIN Ziyu
YANG Guofang
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LIU Dechang,TONG Qinlong,LIN Ziyu, et al. Removal of stripe noise in HY-1B/COCTS image based on waters[J]. REMOTE SENSING FOR LAND & RESOURCES, 2015, 27(4): 41-46.
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