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Remote Sensing for Land & Resources    2019, Vol. 31 Issue (2) : 102-110     DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2019.02.15
Retrieval of chlorophyll-a concentration in Chaohu based on radiative transfer model
Wenya LIU1, Ruru DENG1,2,3(), Yeheng LIANG1, Yi WU1, Yongming LIU1
1.School of Geographic Science and Planning, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China
2.Guangdong Engineering Research Center of Water Environment Remote Sensing Monitoring, Guangzhou 510275, China
3.Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Urbanization and Geo-Simulation, Guangzhou 510275, China
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The algorithm of chlorophyll-a concentration inversion with higher universality is the key to improving the practicability of quantitative remote sensing technology. Based on the radioactive transfer mechanism, the optical characteristics of chlorophyll-a and other factors in inland lakes are analyzed, and a physical model of pixel reflectivity and factor concentration is established. The model was applied to the remote sensing data of different phases in Chaohu. The determination coefficient was 0.877 8 and the average relative error was only 11.61%. This proved that the precision of the model was higher and the universality was stronger. Then, the preprocessed Chaohu remote sensing image was applied to the model, and the spatial and temporal distribution characteristics of eutrophic pollution in Chaohu were obtained, which is consistent with the regulation of the seasonal multiplication of algae. The model used in this study has high accuracy and universality and thus can promote the application of quantitative remote sensing technology in water pollution research.

Keywords chlorophyll-a concentration      Landsat8      radiative transmission      Chaohu Lake      absorption      scattering     
:  TP79  
Corresponding Authors: Ruru DENG     E-mail:
Issue Date: 23 May 2019
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Wenya LIU
Yeheng LIANG
Yongming LIU
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Wenya LIU,Ruru DENG,Yeheng LIANG, et al. Retrieval of chlorophyll-a concentration in Chaohu based on radiative transfer model[J]. Remote Sensing for Land & Resources, 2019, 31(2): 102-110.
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Fig.1  Interaction of electromagnetic waves, water and the atmosphere
Fig.2  Image after atmospheric correction
Fig.3  Comparison of land and water separation results
参数 红光波段B4 近红外波段B5
波长/μm 0.654 6 0.864 6
αw 0.372 5 4.458 5
βw 0.000 904 382 0.000 271 848
αs 0.001 638 971 0.000 917 383
βs 0.18 0.11
αu 0.96 0.28
βu 0 0.18
Tab.1  Water quality optical parameters
Fig.4  Results of chlorophyll-a concentration inversion
Fig.5  Comparison of model values and measured values
Tab.2  Comparison of statistic of model value and measured value(μg/L)
统计指标 2006年7月30日 2009年3月27日
R2 0.877 765 53 0.848 814 29
RE/% 11.611 396 65 16.247 777 47
REmin/% 2.456 953 64 1.954 996 50
REmax/% 31.508 057 41 57.745 832 20
RMSE/(μg/L) 16.247 777 47 7.448 528 43
Tab.3  Error between the model value and the measured value
Fig.6  Results of Chaohu Lake chlorophyll-a concentration inversion from Jun. to Nov. in 2016
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